Universal Candle is an innovative global manufacturer that has provided marketing and product solutions since 1979.    We have factories located in China and Vietnam, with approximately 1500 employees.

Offering production in two different geographic locations, helps us to deliver product assortments with efficient pricing and quality resources. Each factory has its specialties and together we offer our customers a full range of high quality candles and home fragrance products.

Our reputation is for producing consistently high quality products and providing intangible services to our customers.  We have the capability to economically mass-produce from complex and delicate candles to everyday candles.  The combination of skilled labor and state-of-the-art equipment makes Universal the premier choice for large retailers around the world.

We are a professional company committed to offer customers the highest level of service from concept to development to delivery.  Customers' interest and satisfaction are our top priority.  We treat every relationship like a partnership that optimally benefits all parties involved.  Each department in the organization assesses every individual customer’s needs and caters products and services to them.  Our customers can purchase from our existing and incredibly vast product lines or bring their own custom ideas to us for new development. In many cases, our customers acknowledge our flexibility, efficiency, innovation and capabilities, and they work closely with our sales and product development teams to create one-of-a-kind candle products that are highly desirable.  The result is long-term and interactive.  

We produce almost every type of candle including basic pillars, filled jar candles, fragranced candles, sculptural decor candles, seasonal candles, figural candles, religious candles, cake-top/birthday candles and outdoor candles.  LED flameless candles and reed diffusers, have become a large part of our product line and become one of our core manufacturing competencies.


Hong Kong

  • Head office and showroom for China and Vietnam factories
  • In-house design and development team
  • Current location established in 1979

Dong Guan, China

  • LED flameless candles, birthday candles, decorative & outdoor candles, reed diffusers
  • In-house printing of high quality packaging: servicing the factories for quality, efficiency and flexibility
  • Current location established in 1993
  • Shipping Port: Yantian, Shenzhen

Nam Dinh, Vietnam

  • LED flameless, birthday candles, filled jar candles, scented candles, sculptural decor candles, basic type machine made candles (value-packed pillars, tealights, votives, tapers)
  • Current location established in 2005
  • Shipping Port: Haiphong